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#97: Another Great Depression or tax justice and transparency?

23. Januar 2020 - 16:23

The Taxcast kicks off the new decade with:

  • the French strikes - tax justice and pensions vs financialisation
  • the EU countries who've missed the deadline on publishing registers of real corporate owners
  • the effect of Brexit on poorer (plundered) countries
  • And the IMF's stark warnings about the finance curse and another Great Depression
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#96: the financialisation of child and elderly care

19. Dezember 2019 - 18:11

This month we ask - what's going on with our pre-school childcare and elderly care home services? We take a long hard look at the financialisation of our services and what we can do about it. Plus: the Conservative party in the UK has won a major victory in the general elections. With major challenges for tax justice, what are the next steps for trade deal negotiations? Will Britain become a fully fledged Singapore-on-Thames?

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#95: paradigm shifts on tax and 'the uncounted'

21. November 2019 - 18:28

This month we speak to Tax Justice Network CEO Alex Cobham on his new book The Uncounted on the politics of counting. Who's missing from the stats, from the bottom to the very top? And how can we count better?

Plus: For decades corporate tax cuts have been touted as the way to promote the economy. This month the Tax Justice Network's John Christensen talks about a paradigm shift on corporate tax in the UK general election: and we look at the results of Trump's corporate tax cuts in the US - did they deliver what he promised?

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