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Despite progress in childbirth safety, one woman or baby dies every 11 seconds

19. September 2019 - 16:55
Childbirth survival rates are now a “staggering success” compared with the year 2000, but one pregnant woman - or her child - still dies every 11 seconds from largely preventable causes, UN health experts said on Thursday.
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UN summits urge ‘ambition and action’ on climate change, sustainable development: Guterres

18. September 2019 - 20:14
There are five key United Nations summits taking place next week to spur action on the climate crisis and other global concerns, which will showcase the UN as a “driver for meaningful, positive change”, according to the man at the helm of the Organization.
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Guterres calls for ‘maximum restraint’ following drone assault on key Saudi oil facility

15. September 2019 - 22:26
The UN Secretary-General appealed on Sunday for “maximum restraint" following a wave of drone attacks claimed by Houthi rebels in Yemen, against a huge Saudi Arabian State-owned Armco petroleum processing facility, which threatens to disrupt global oil supplies. 
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Delhi Declaration: Countries agree to make ‘land degradation neutrality’ by 2030, a national target for action

13. September 2019 - 21:43
A major UN conference on fighting desertification agreed on Friday to make the Sustainable Development Goal target of achieving “land degradation neutrality” (LDN), a national target for action.
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Climate crisis could see ‘collapse’ of some economies without diversification, warns UN trade chief

11. September 2019 - 21:11
Climate change poses an “existential threat to commodity-dependent developing countries”, the United Nation’s trade chief said on Wednesday, pointing to a newly released report highlighting the need to diversify economies and exports.
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Northern Bahamas ravaged by ‘terrible devastation’ as UN supports rescue and relief efforts

4. September 2019 - 22:29
Following the “terrible devastation” of parts of the northern Bahamas in the Caribbean caused by Hurricane Dorian, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Wednesday he “remains deeply concerned” for those thousands impacted by the giant storm.
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‘Digital divide’ will worsen inequalities, without better global cooperation

4. September 2019 - 19:34
Inequality will worsen unless the so-called “digital divide” – the gap between under-connected and highly digitalized countries – is not addressed, warns a new report released on Wednesday by the UN trade body, UNCTAD.
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FROM THE FIELD: Balancing act for Philippines farmers

4. September 2019 - 16:52
An effort to reverse land degradation in the Philippines and boost sustainable agriculture as well as the livelihoods of farmers, is being supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP).
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DR Congo President and UN chief meet at a ‘historic moment’ for democracy in the country

2. September 2019 - 20:17
On the third and final day of his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), UN chief António Guterres declared that the country is experiencing a historic moment, which could herald the development of democratic institutions.
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‘Extinction crisis’ pushes countries to agree stronger protection for global wildlife

28. August 2019 - 20:52
At-risk wildlife that is facing a “growing extinction crisis” received a boost on Wednesday, as countries wrapped up a marathon meeting in Geneva, by agreeing to increased protection measures and more sustainable trade in animals and plants across the globe. 
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For Africa, ‘winds of hope are blowing ever stronger,’ Guterres declares at conference on development

28. August 2019 - 19:20
African nations have made ‘significant progress’ in developmental efforts in the last few years, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Wednesday, kicking off the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), taking place in Yokohama.
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Corruption undermines democracy and contributes to instability, warns senior UN anti-crime official

28. August 2019 - 16:38
Corruption undermines democratic institutions, slows economic development and contributes to governmental instability, Mirella Dummar-Frahi, Civil Society Team Leader at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) warned at the UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
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Technology brings positive change, but ‘collateral damage’ must be minimized: senior UN official

28. August 2019 - 0:19
Digital technology has the potential to bring about a sustainable future, but the “collateral damage” of this transition must be mitigated, says the head of the UN’s technology strategy team, Salem Avan.
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Marginalized groups hit hardest by inequality and stigma in cities

27. August 2019 - 5:05
Millicent Auma Otieno, a Kenya-based human rights and community activist, campaigns on behalf of women and persons with disabilities who face stigmatization, as a result of cultural and religious beliefs.  In an interview with UN News, Ms. Otieno reinforced the message that inequality is prevalent in Africa where, she said, political power often remains in the hands of wealthy elites, adding that many people in cities are forced to live in informal settlements, which have proven to be hotbeds of unemployment, violence, drug abuse and early pregnancies.
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Relentless sequence of disasters in Asia-Pacific ‘sign of things to come’, cautions UN regional body

22. August 2019 - 17:20
Changing patterns and worsening impacts of natural disasters in Asia and the Pacific, coupled with environmental degradation and climate change, are not only making efforts to predict such catastrophes more difficult, but are also a “sign of things to come”, the United Nations development arm in the region has warned.
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‘Invisible’ crisis of water quality threatens human and environmental well-being: World Bank report

20. August 2019 - 22:00
Deteriorating water quality worldwide is slashing the economic potential of heavily polluted areas, according to a new World Bank report, released on Tuesday. It also warns that the “invisible crisis of water quality” is threatening human and environmental well-being.
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‘We are facing a learning crisis’, UN chief warns on International Youth Day

12. August 2019 - 4:00
Schools are “not equipping young people with the skills they need to navigate the technological revolution”, UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned, in a message released to mark the UN’s International Youth Day.
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Help African farmers cope with climate change threats, UN food agency urges

6. August 2019 - 17:14
African farmers need help to cope with the threats of climate change, with national policies that protect them and make them resilient, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, has declared, following a major conference on food security in the continent.
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FROM THE FIELD: Turning waste into a business in the slums of Yaoundé, Cameroon

31. Juli 2019 - 21:51
The increasing volume and complexity of waste associated with modern economies is posing a serious risk to ecosystems and human health. Every year, an estimated 11.2 billion tons of solid waste are collected worldwide, according to the UN Environment Programme.
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Economic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions stall growth in Latin America and Caribbean region, UN says

31. Juli 2019 - 21:50
Citing “an external context of greater uncertainty and growing complexity”, the head of the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), said on Wednesday that the region’s economic growth is expected to decline. 
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