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Civil 20 (C20) is one of the eight Engagement Groups of the G20
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Registration is Now Open to attend the C20 Face-to-Face Meetings

5. Februar 2020 - 14:38
Every year the C20 hosts the Face-to-Face meetings, which includes a set of public sessions discussing urgent global challenges and issues that fall under the G20 areas of focus. Also, the Face-to-Face meetings is an opportunity for the C20 11 working groups to meet with officials from their mirroring G20 working groups. This year's Face-to-Face meetings [...]

Citizen Participation and Access to Public Information is Fundamental: C20 call to the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting

4. Februar 2020 - 15:03
RIYADH, 4 February 2020 – From aviation to sports to infrastructure, no sector has been free from corruption scandals in the first month of the new decade.The Civil Society 20 (C20), the voice of civil society to the G20, is committed to advocating for G20 countries to work on preventing corruption and ensuring citizens engagement [...]

Call For Session Proposals for the C20 Face-to-Face Meetings

26. Januar 2020 - 9:04
Consistent with previous C20 procedures and the C20 2020 Action Plan, the C20 Secretariat is pleased to launch a Call for Session Proposals for the C20 2020 Face to Face Meetings that will take place from Sunday, March 22 to Tuesday, March 24. The call for proposals is open to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and CSO [...]

C20 endorses inclusive and transparent roadmap for 2020 to ensure voice of civil society is heard in G20 process

14. Januar 2020 - 9:57
RIYADH, 14 January 2020 - The Civil Society Engagement Group (C20) concluded its Kick-off Meeting in which more than 25 representatives of civil society from 14 different countries, joining in person and others via teleconference, charted a roadmap to ensure a robust participation by civil society in the G20 process.Coming at a time of heightened [...]

C20 Action Plan

13. Januar 2020 - 22:05

C20 Advocacy Strategy

13. Januar 2020 - 22:04

C20 Chair and Co-Sherpas Meet with L20 Leadership and Trade Union Leaders to Discuss Joint Policy Priorities for 2020

10. Januar 2020 - 17:21
C20 Chair Nouf bint Muhammad and Co-Sherpas Rahaf Al Sanosi and Osamah Alhenaki welcomed Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC; Ayuba Wabba, President of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC); Stephen Cotton, General Secretary of the International Transport Worker’s Federation (ITF); Bilal Malkawi, Regional Secretary of the ITF; Gemma Swart, Head of Campaigns and [...]

C20 Chair Calls for Urgent Action to Tackle the Climate Emergency

8. Januar 2020 - 15:21
RIYADH, 8 January 2020 - “The dangerous bushfires that have run rampant in Australia and continue to claim innocent human lives, wipe out wildlife and destroy properties. Such tragedies are a somber reminder that we need to come together globally, to ensure the safety and security of ourselves and our planet in the face of [...]

The Steering and International Advisory Committees of the C20 Meet to Discuss Civil Society Engagement in the 2020 G20 Process

30. Dezember 2019 - 5:43
Reaffirming commitment to the C20 principles, the group discussed ways to increase civil society participation in the G20 process, while ensuring diversity and inclusion in the C20 structureThey also planned for the upcoming C20 Kickoff Meeting taking place in Riyadh in JanuaryThe Steering and International Advisory committees of the C20 convened on 19 December, 2019 [...]

C20 agrees principles for civil society engagement with G20

30. November 2019 - 22:31
Osaka, 28 June 2019 The C20 (Civil 20) has agreed a set of principles to guide the official engagement of civil society with the G20. Civil society organisations play an essential role in the G20 process, providing policy expertise, holding governments accountable, and providing balance against the influence of business and political interests. The principles [...]

C20 Policy Pack 2019

30. November 2019 - 22:18
C20 Policy Pack 2019 is out now!  Download the PDF version here

The C20 Summit 2020

30. November 2019 - 20:02
09:00 - 14:00Oct 06 2020 - Oct 09 2020Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaC20 members come together to the biggest event of the year to present their final outcomes including the C20 Policy Pack and Communique to the G20 Presidency and G20 Working Groups.

The C20 Face to Face Meetings

30. November 2019 - 20:02
09:00 - 18:00 Mar 22 2020 - Mar 24 2020Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaThis event will convene the C20 Working Group members with their corresponding G20 working groups, as well as, other Engagement Groups with the aim of finalizing the C20 Working Groups agendas.

C20 Kick-off Meetings

30. November 2019 - 20:01
09:00 - 16:00Jan 12 2020 - Jan 14 2020Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaC20 begins its process by holding its first steering committee and international advisory committee meetings, along with hosting the C20 Working Groups’ local and international leads.

C20 Resumes its Process in Saudi Arabia

30. November 2019 - 20:00
Following its handover in Tokyo, Japan on the 19th of November 2019, the C20 formally establishes its structure in order to resume its process in 2020. The C20 structure comprises of a diverse group of experts from Saudi and international civil society including members from past presidencies in Japan, Argentina, Germany and Australia, as well [...]

C20 Passes the Torch to Civil Society in Saudi Arabia

19. November 2019 - 6:00
On November 19th, 2019 the Civil Society Engagement Group handed over its presidency to continue its process in Saudi Arabia during 2020. The handover ceremony took place in Tokyo, Japan and was held in parallel with a panel where the C20 steering committee members discussed building on the C20 advocacy efforts in order to impact [...]

C20 2019 Final Report

18. November 2019 - 4:00

C20 2019 Final Report is out now!

This final report was prepared to provide a record of the functioning and most relevant information of Civil 20 (C20) in 2019, under Japan’s Presidency. It is also intended to provide civil society organisations in Saudi Arabia, the next presidency in 2020, and subsequent C20s, relevant information as they form their own operational arrangements for engagement with the G20.

Download the PDF here.

C20 2019 Final Report

C20 Handover Event – “Larger Voices of Civil Society for G20 towards a Sustainable World”

31. Oktober 2019 - 10:00

C20 Handover Event – “Larger Voices of Civil Society for G20 towards a Sustainable World”

Since 2013, when Russia hosted G20 Summit, “C20(Civil 20) Summit“, an official engagement group by civil society of G20, has been delivering people’s voices to the G20 leaders and influencing policies developed by G20 from civil society side.

In 2019, global civil society organized a series of policy advocacy for G20 Summit through various dialogues between civil society and G20 governments, and submitted “C20 Policy Pack 2019” to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the G20 Presidency in 2019, as well as the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Osaka and related Ministerial Meetings. Civil society influenced G20 agenda significantly on numerous issues such as health and education.

C20’s continuity and significance are based on the concepts below;

1) Policy recommendations for the G20 agenda are formed from the standpoint of an independent and free-willed civil society
2) C20 Summit and advocacy are organized based on the values presented in the “C20 Guiding Principles” agreed this year (2019)

In this handover event, the outcomes of C20 and further continuity of C20 process will be discussed, and the future C20 plan, through the appropriate C20 framework -including Steering Committee (SC) and International Advisory Committee (IAC), and C20 Guiding Principles– will be presented by the hosting organization in 2020.

Date & Time13:00-17:00, Monday, 18 November 2019
Venue: Britt Memorial Hall, Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures
Address: University of the Sacred Heart, 4-2-24 Hiro-o, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Languages: English (simultaneous translation with Japanese will be provided)


Part 1: Opening Plenary Session “Outcomes of G20 Osaka Summit and C20 Summit”

-Opening Remarks: Yuka Iwatsuki, Chair, C20
-Congratulatory Remarks: “The importance of G20 and Civil Society Participation”, Government of Japan (tba)

Part 2: Issue-based Plenary Sessions “Outcomes of C20: Thematic Reviews”

Agenda 1: SDGs, Health, Education, Gender etc.
Agenda 2: Environment, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Infrastructure
Agenda 3: Trade & Investment, Science and Technology Innovation, Financial Architecture
Agenda 4: Participatory Democracy, Youth, Social Responsibility, Anti-Corruption

Part 3: Hand-Over Event towards the G20 Saudi Arabia 2020

-Introducing C20 Troika 2020 (Japan, Saudi Arabia and Italy)
-Keynote Speech: The Plan of C20 Saudi Arabia: expectations and challenges (tbd); Her Highness Princess Nouf bin-Muhammad, CEO, King Khalid Foundation, Saudi Arabia
-Panel Discussion: Towards C20 Summit 2020 (panelists will be announced soon)
-Closing Remarks: Atsuko Miwa, Co-Chair, C20