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Who to blame? The rough start for living income cocoa prices in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana

27. Juni 2022 - 9:27
By Felix Maile, Bernhard Tröster, Cornelia Staritz and Jan Grumiller Commodity price instability is a major challenge for commodity-dependent countries. This is also true for the major cocoa producer countries Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, which account for two thirds of world’s cocoa production. As we argue in a recent article in the EJDR , the two …
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Time to consider ‘multidimensional poverty’ and ‘inequality’ in Fiji and the wider Pacific

14. Juni 2022 - 9:15
By Kim Andreas Kessler The recent adjustment of Fiji’s estimated poverty rate by the World Bank has caused controversies. While it is important to scrutinise this key figure, policy dialogue and policymaking should not miss the bigger picture. Economic poverty is only one dimension of poverty. Besides this, considering inequalities is crucial to evaluate Fiji’s …
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What is Development Studies? 

7. Juni 2022 - 9:19
Development Studies is an established area of scholarly enquiry, which implies some consensus over what the study of development entails. Does such a consensus exist? Andy Sumner of King’s College London explores this question further in a new discussion paper The Debate Revisited Although there is some common understanding on Development Studies being about ‘development’ …
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The Legitimacy of Sustainability Initiatives in Tanzania 

30. Mai 2022 - 9:33
By Rasul Ahmed Minja One of the chief concerns of new sustainability initiatives for managing natural resources and involving public and private actors is to build and retain legitimacy among different audiences and stakeholders, legitimacy understood as the ‘process where partnerships gain recognition and become accepted as a relevant alternative or supplement to government policy …
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Health-Energy-Nexus: How off-grid energy can play a vital role in quality healthcare provision in Sub-Saharan Africa

17. Mai 2022 - 11:02
By Jonas Bauhof and Callistus Agbaam Access to electricity In 2019, 770 million people were without access to electricity globally. They are left without the possibility of using electric light at night, powering refrigerators and stoves, or charging their phones and other devices. Until 2019, the number constantly decreased but the Covid-19 pandemic reversed the …
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Five rules for climate adaptation in fragile and conflict-affected situations

2. Mai 2022 - 9:25
By Elise Remling Societies—particularly the poorest—are not ready to deal with the worsening impacts of climate change, and the deficit is growing, according to the latest report from the IPCC. We urgently need to step up investment in climate adaptation interventions, which aim to adjust social systems and structures to reduce their vulnerability to climate …
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Desperately seeking Shah Rukh – India’s lonely young women

19. April 2022 - 11:14
By Basile Boulay Have you ever heard about Shah Rukh Khan? If you are based in the Indian subcontinent or the Gulf countries, to name just a few, the question may have been the silliest you have heard so far this year. Obviously, you know him. But many of us may still raise our eyebrows …
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Industrial policy for lower-income countries in the age of global value chains

6. April 2022 - 10:06
By Karin Fischer, Christian Reiner and Cornelia Staritz Countries of the Global South and particularly lower-income countries could barely benefit from the integration into global value chains (GVCs) so far. Regional integration, ecological leapfrogging, development-oriented macroeconomic policies and certain global framework conditions are necessary to distribute the benefits from (and costs of) GVCs more broadly. While the expansion …
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Indebting the green transition: critical notes on green bonds in the South

31. März 2022 - 9:00
By Tomaso Ferrando, Gabriela de Oliveira Junqueira, Iagê Miola, Flavio Marques Prol, Diogo R. Coutinho For years, ‘green’ and ‘climate’ investments were considered a high-risk and ‘niche’ territory for environmentalists and socially oriented enterprises. However, between 2010 and 2019, more than EUR 2.28 trillion of private and public capital went into building new renewable capacity …
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Development Studies and the Manufacturing of Consent

22. März 2022 - 9:02
By Tara van Dijk Why should we “think SDGs” in Development Studies?  This model of development (getting countries, corporations and other institutions to champion a list of non-binding goals and arbitrary targets) should be an object of analysis and critique. Yet this and similar messages adorn Development Studies departments’ websites, events, and curriculum.  And what …
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Above or below the poverty line

17. März 2022 - 8:28
Three key questions for understanding shifts in global poverty By Andy Sumner and Eduardo Ortiz-Juarez In 2010 and the following years, there was attention to the fact that much of global poverty had shifted to middle-income countries (for example here, here, and here). The world’s poor hadn’t moved of course, but the countries that are …
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