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Changing research practices in times of Covid – Insights from an international fishbowl

22. Juli 2021 - 9:38
By Basile Boulay | EADI/ISS Blog Series The closing plenary of the 2021 EADI ISS conference opened the floor to all participants, encouraging them to reflect on their changing research practices in times of Covid through a virtual fishbowl format. How has the pandemic changed our research practice? How do losses and gains balance out? What …
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Questioning development: What lies ahead?

21. Juli 2021 - 8:48
By Christiane Kliemann Development Studies requires “an epistemological and ontological change” write Elisabetta Basile and Isa Baud in the introduction to the recent EADI volume “Building Development Studies for a New Millennium”. The planned sequel of the book will take this analysis one step further and explore viable ways to build on both the critique …
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For the redistribution of water, framing matters!

20. Juli 2021 - 9:52
By Lize Swartz | EADI/ISS Blog Series In the face of increasing pressure on global water availability, a degree of inventiveness in finding just and sustainable ways to ensure access to water is required. The redistribution of water is one possible way in which this could be done. But ongoing research on elite responses to a …
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COVID-19: solidarity as counter-narrative to crisis capitalism

7. Juli 2021 - 15:41
By Christiane Kliemann | EADI/ISS Blog Series The absence of serious measures to protect citizens from the COVID-19 virus in countries such as India and Brazil, as well as vaccine grabbing by countries in the Global North, have created much avoidable suffering, mainly, but not only, in the Global South. Nearly a year and a half …
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How online conferences can contribute to social justice: lessons from organizing the EADI ISS Conference 2021

24. Juni 2021 - 10:44
By Kees Biekart, Basile Boulay, Susanne von Itter and Sushrutha Vemuri | EADI/ISS Blog Series How can a conference contribute to solidarity, peace and social justice? Well, maybe by organizing it fully online. We never expected this to work so amazingly. Let us be honest to you from the beginning: we have never organized an online …
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A Canopy of Hope

15. Juni 2021 - 9:20
By Tim Jackson The slopes of Mount Kenya, in the district of Nyeri in Kenya, were once scattered with hundreds of wild fig trees called mugumos in the local (Kikuyu) language. Their tough bark was the colour of elephant skin. Their gnarled roots drilled deep channels through the rocky earth to drink thirstily from the …
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On Coloniality/Decoloniality in Knowledge Production and Societies

1. Juni 2021 - 8:50
By Henning Melber Social organisations tend to be based on asymmetric power relations – almost always, almost everywhere. Inequality characterises interaction both inside and in between societies. Class-based hierarchies, peppered by gender imbalances, sexism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and many other forms of discrimination are the order of the day, both nationally as well as internationally. …
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Advocacy in Fragile Contexts

18. Mai 2021 - 8:30
By Margit van Wessel There is a lot of interest in advocacy in the development sector. It is commonly accepted that projects in themselves are poorly geared to tackling structural causes of problems like poverty and injustice, and advocacy is taken by many as a necessary for addressing these structural causes. However, despite all the …
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How Not To Go ‘Back To Normal’ After COVID-19: Planning For Post-Neoliberal Development

11. Mai 2021 - 9:52
By Giuseppe Feola, Bram Büscher, Andrew Fischer and Martijn Koster COVID-19 has shaken the world. Early emergency responses across the world led to drastic changes in local and global development trajectories within a very short period of time, from food insecurity, schooling and gender inequality, to debt and employment crises in much of the Global …
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State and Development: What Has Changed in India?

27. April 2021 - 8:55
By Anthony P. D’Costa Lately the Indian state under the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP or Indian People’s Party) has attracted a lot of attention. Aside from its divisive, populist Hindu-chauvinist politics, the government under Modi has unleashed an array of programs and projects, ostensibly designed to lead to a “new” united and prosperous India. …
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Why Positionalities Matter and What They Have to do with Knowledge Production

20. April 2021 - 9:02
by Julia Schöneberg, Arda Bilgen, and Aftab Nasir Coming from three different educational, geographical, and class backgrounds, the three of us met for the first time in a research institute in Germany. Together with a group of international colleagues, we were eager to be trained in Development Studies and pursue a PhD degree. In reminiscing …
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Area Studies Must Be Decolonised

13. April 2021 - 9:23
The discipline’s existence reflects an enduring Western belief in the inferiority of knowledge production specific to different cultures By David Simon If you thought that area studies sounded like an odd name for an odd discipline, you’d be right. Its genesis reflects an enduring tension within academia between supposedly systematic (“disciplinary”) and geographically specific knowledge production – deriving from …
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