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Radical Alternatives or Ambivalent Engagements? Development Understandings from the Global South

24. November 2022 - 9:33
By Alba Castellsagué and Sally Matthews / New Rhythms of Development blog series Critiques of development have historically problematised the dominant models of economic growth and the controversial ideas of modernity and progress. Since the sixties, many have attempted to advance more sustainable understandings of development, with proposals emerging from a wide range of approaches: …
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Development in crisis: some reflections

16. November 2022 - 9:27
By Christiane Kliemann The accelerating frequency, interconnectedness and mutually reinforcing nature of contemporary crises call for holistic responses and a focus on synergies and potential discrepancies between various fields of action. What has Development Studies to offer here? Will it be able to prove that is truly inter- and transdisciplinary and contribute to the understanding …
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Rethinking work for sustainability and justice

31. Oktober 2022 - 9:20
By Erik Gomez-Baggethun Work time reduction is one of the central policy proposals brought forward by ecological economists and degrowth scholars to reduce environmental pressure and unemployment and enhance human well-being. In its broader meaning, work is defined as an activity involving mental or physical effort done to achieve a purpose or result. In economic …
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The global lab: political and technological experiments in the Global South

17. Oktober 2022 - 10:18
By Adam Moe Fejerskov From pandemics to climate change to ever-growing humanitarian needs, humanity is making limited progress in tackling the structural causes of contemporary global crises. The result is a future of growing unknowns. Here, politics become increasingly experimental, as we struggle with unprecedented challenges and changes, leaving the fate of both planet and …
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Marx and Colonialism

28. September 2022 - 10:49
By Lucia Pradella It is widely believed that Marx did not systematically consider the role of colonialism within the process of capital accumulation. According to David Harvey, Marx concentrated on a self-closed national economy in his main work. Although he did mention colonialism in Part 8 of Capital Volume 1 on the so-called primitive accumulation, …
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Our bright digital lives: some critical thoughts

15. September 2022 - 9:42
By Basile Boulay We find ourselves at a strange crossroads. Never have we been more aware of the devastating impact of consumer goods on the environment and never have we been so dependent upon them. Technological innovations are embedded in the daily lives of even the most critical among us, and both usage of and …
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What do the global supply chain disruptions tell us about the world economy?

1. September 2022 - 9:49
By Intan Suwandi Lockdowns and shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic led to what is being referred to as the “first global supply chain crisis.” The supply chain disruption has made havoc since the beginning of the pandemic, with more than 90 percent of the 1000 Fortune multinational corporations having a tier-one or tier-two supplier …
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Social protection and social cohesion are key for climate action

18. August 2022 - 11:27
The current energy crisis stemming from the war in Ukraine has shown that long-term climate mitigation needs to be coupled with the reduction of poverty and inequality; it is obvious that climate change is a global problem, and one that needs to be addressed in combination with social justice. In a recent article in an …
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