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International Peace Advisor for capacity development and psychosocial monitoring (Bukavu)

epojobs - 19. April 2020 - 22:00

International Peace Advisor for capacity development and psychosocial monitoring

JOB-ID: P1533V1241J02

App. w. professional exp. - Temporary

Job description

The Civil Peace Service (CPS) works to prevent violence and promote peace in crisis zones and conflict regions. This particular regional CPS programme focuses on developing and strengthening cross-border civil society networks in Rwanda, Burundi and eastern DR Congo. The target group consists of adolescents and young adults, whom the programme aims to empower to play an active role in shaping a positive and peaceful future through non-violent approaches. Key partner structures include civil society networks and organisations with experience of peace education and peace journalism, memory work and approaches to dealing with the past, and which offer psychosocial expertise and networking and advocacy skills. 

The CPS programme addresses the need for monitoring the psychosocial well-being of its target population. The partner organisation is RAPI (Réseau Associatif pour la Psychologie Intégrale).

Your tasks

  • Provision of training to networks, stakeholder groups and local decision-makers in the eastern Kivu region on recording and monitoring key indicators of mental health in the target groups, while integrating the specialist expertise of CPS colleagues
  • Liaison with a CPS expert based in Kigali, who is responsible for psychosocial monitoring in Rwanda and Burundi
  • Organising accompanying and supporting measures in order to familiarise networks and stakeholders with different approaches to non-violent conflict management, such as non-violent communication and mediation
  • Surveying the needs of partner networks for advocacy work related to psychosocial interventions; organisation of the relevant training measures
  • Supporting partner networks in developing advocacy strategies and in planning and implementing advocacy campaigns
  • Promoting the expansion of existing networks and platforms for psychosocial work in the partner structure as well as cooperation with other relevant national and regional organisations

Your profile

  • University level degree in clinical psychology, peace and conflict research, international relations, sociology or an equivalent qualification
  • Several years of professional experience in psychosocial care and/or research on psychosocial topics
  • Practical experience in the area of peace and reconciliation in post-conflict situations and of cooperation with non-governmental organisations in the global South
  • Experience of developing advocacy strategies and implementing advocacy measures
  • Practical experience of organising and facilitating workshops and training courses
  • Extensive experience of analytical and strategic thinking and the ability to communicate complex content simply and in a comprehensible manner
  • Professional approaches to controversial issues and discourses in a politically sensitive context
  • Familiarity with the conflict context in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Great Lakes region; knowledge of relevant mainstreaming issues (gender, human rights, inclusion) and of the field of psychosocial support
  • Fluent French and English or German skills

Additional information

As a federal enterprise, GIZ supports the German Government in achieving its goals in international cooperation for sustainable development. By deploying qualified experts as development workers, GIZ contributes to the long-term improvement of living conditions for people in our partner countries.

  • Place of residence: Bukavu
  • Climate: The Democratic Republic of Congo has a tropical climate; due to its elevated position, temperatures in Bukavu are relatively pleasant.
  • Health care: Good for acute tropical diseases, other medical care provision is not ideal
  • Children, infants, schools: Bukavu is not a location for families.
  • Accessibility: there is a flight connection to Kigali from Kamembe Airport in neighbouring Rwanda; alternatively, from Kigali (Rwanda), approximately six hours away by car, there are indirect flight connections to Europe several times a day as well as direct connections to destinations including Johannesburg (South Africa) and Nairobi (Kenya).
  • Security: The security situation is tense. There are special precautionary measures in place on the ground for GIZ employees. GIZ’s security guidelines must be followed at all times. Please also always monitor any country-specific information provided by the German Federal Foreign Office. GIZ has a professional security risk management system in place on the ground. Mobility is restricted. It is not possible to take accompanying family members.

You must be willing to travel frequently in the region and be able to drive a company car.

The GIZ Development Service welcomes applicants who have completed

their professional training and/or degree and have at least two years of relevant professional experience.

Candidates must also have German nationality or citizenship of another EU Member State.

We can only accept and process applications received via our online e-recruiting system. After receiving confirmation that your application has been submitted, please check your spam/junk folder regularly, since some providers class the emails sent out by our e-recruiting system as spam.

GIZ information platform Civil Peace Service Expert.

You can find an overview of our benefits packages here.


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